Harry Styles Turns 21: Relive His Cutest 6 Moments of the Past Year!

Could he be any cuter? Nope. The answer is no.

Today is not only the Super Bowl, it’s also Harry Styles’ 21st birthday - double the reason to celebrate!

In honor of the occasion, we decided to relive the One Direction singer’s cutest moments of the past year that absolutely stole our hearts. Our favorite moments include his recent obsession with leopard, that bandanna and those dance moves on the Where We Are Tour, how classy he was when chatting about ex Taylor Swift – oh, and the time he danced with Kristen Wiig at the Saturday Night Live after-party.

And, because we find Harry just as charming as you do too, here are a bunch of times Harry was just the cutest and most charming human…. ever.

That time Harry out-Sasha Fierced Beyonce.

When he flipped his hair like this.

Or had soaking wet hair like this.

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When he talked to this puppy. Dead.

Every time Harry laughs, an angel gets its wings.


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And when he dances, the world rejoices, cries and then falls to the ground.


That also happens when Harry cuddles teddy bears.

But when he cries, we cry.

Did you know he can also juggle oranges and stick his tongue out at the same time?


Harry Styles strumming a guitar appreciation GIF:

And remember when he had the best walrus impression ever?

We do.

Or when he rocked a floral crown better than 100% of Coachella attendees?

And here’s Harry pushing his hair back. Just because. Well. His hair.

Happy birthday Harry! What's your favorite Harry moment?!  Send @Katie_Krause a tweet and let her know!