Johnny Weir's Super Bowl Look Wows


Johnny Weir talked a big game before the Super Bowl pregame show, and he did not disappoint!

The fashion-forward Olympic figure skater promised ETonline's Rosalyn Oshmyansky that he would wear something "beautiful" and that there were plenty of jewels in the six luggages that he and his friend and fellow co-host Tara Lipinski packed.

So what exactly did he wear? A fabulous, sparkly football uniform!

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Using the one common color for both Super Bowl teams, he picked blue for those pads. The Swarovski pavé football fascinator on his head was custom-made by the same designer who made his Kentucky Derby hat, Kerin Rose Gold. He was even able to make that black war paint glitter!

His outfit didn't just coordinate perfectly with Lipinski's, but it also matched well with actress Elizabeth Banks.

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He says that she's someone he's always "wanted to hug and act creepy around."

Weir never fails to entertain with fashion statement, on the ice or off.

For more of the best celebrity style statements, check out the video below.

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