Randy Quaid Slams Rupert Murdoch in Disturbing, NSFW Video


What are Randy Quaid and his wife up to this time?

What are Randy Quaid and his wife up to this time?

The 64-year-old Christmas Vacation actor, and older brother to Dennis Quaid, posted a truly bizarre video where he attacks media mogul Rupert Murdoch for not thanking him for his role in the 1996 film Independence Day. Exposing a Hawaiian shirt under his blazer, he touts, "This is the very same shirt that I wore in '94 when I saved the world [in Independence Day] -- another act that Rupert Murdoch still hasn't thanked me for."

All the while his wife, Evgenia, is seen in the background wearing a bikini and sunglasses and sitting on the bed. "Evi and I have been put through a living hell. A living hell of biblical proportions," he says, adding that his acting roles helped "media giants News Corp and Warner Bros Entertainment earn well over a billion dollars for the films Independence Day and Christmas Vacation."

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The video takes a NSFW turn when Randy simulates sex with his wife while she's wearing a Murdoch mask. "You wanna f**k me Rupert?" the former Oscar nominee says. "Well, I'm gonna f**k you. Evi, put this on."


This two-minute bit is just another instance of the couple's strange behavior. In the past, the Quaids have said they believe an evil Hollywood sect that goes by the name "Star Whackers" is out to kill them, and currently has a lawsuit against U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to recover their passports that were revoked three years ago.

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Back in 2010, Randy and Evgenia were arrested on felony charges of vandalism and residential burglary after they were found illegally living in a guest house in Montecito, Calif. on the property they once owned.

After skipping bail and not showing up to court, the two are now thought to be residing somewhere north of the U.S. border in Canada. There are still $500,000 bench warrants in effect for the couple in Santa Barbara, Calif.

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