Chelsea Handler Doesn't Think Going Topless Counts as Nudity


Chelsea Handler is out to change how the world views topless women.

The former Chelsea Lately host explains to ELLE magazine why she's insists on baring her breasts on social media, and getting Instagram to see her side. "I don't understand why nipples are nudity," she says. "Who cares? Men can show their nipples, but if we have breasts we can't show them?"

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Not backing down, she adds, "And so if you're flat-chested are you allowed to show your nipples? Is that better? And can I show one nipple, but not two? I don't even understand. Once somebody tells me I can't do something I have to figure out how to do it."

That being said, Handler does think some body parts are inappropriate for social media. "It's not a vagina," she defends her topless pics. "Yes, no one should show their vagina. But nipples? It's ridiculous."

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"You obviously can't publish underage girls' photo, but I'm in charge of what I want to do with my own body," she continues. "People are following me because they want to see pictures of me. So why is Instagram editing them?"

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Further explaining her recent shirtless photo that features her on a horse wearing pasties of the Israeli flag, the 39-year-old comedian says that pic was no joke. "I just thought it was important to speak up for Israel and Palestine, and show that I think they can find peace. On top of a camel," she tells the women's magazine. "You can talk about more important stuff without it being too serious."

This isn't the end of Handler's topless crusade. "I've done a series of them and I'll continue to do them," she declares. "And just find a creative way to cover up my private parts."

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