People At The Patriots Victory Parade Are Having More Fun Than You


Everybody loves drunk Rob Gronkowski!

Everybody loves drunk Rob Gronkowski!

So the New England Patriots and their fans are pretty happy with how the Super Bowl turned out.

Today they celebrated with a pretty epic parade and fans were using #PatriotsParade to document the whole thing on Twitter. Not going to lie, there were some moments even more awesome than the Jurassic World Super Bowl Trailer.

Here are some of the highlights.

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It was a pretty good time:

New England turned up, apparently:

And turned down for no one:

They make no apologies for it:

Tom Brady seemed to be enjoying himself:

Edelman might have been enjoying himself a little more:

Don't even get us started on Rob Gronkowski:

Gronk's gonna be Gronk, Nahmean?:

For real, don't even try to stop GRONK from being GRONK:

Some lines may have been crossed:

Here's how they feel about "Deflate Gate":

Sorry, Seahawks fans:

Sorry, not sorry:

Don't even know but it happened:

Let's all just try to remember why we're here:

Hopefully you didn't miss it:

Yeah, it's a pretty good day to be a Patriots fan:

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