Miley Cyrus Not Participating in NYC Porn Festival (Update)

Despite reports, Miley Cyrus and filmmaker Quentin Jones did not submit to the film festival.

Former Hannah Montana star
Miley Cyrus was thought to be getting into the pornography scene, but that's apparently not the case. 

The 22-year-old singer -- who's had a major image overhaul since her Disney days -- reportedly submitted a short film titled Tongue Tied from her Bangerz tour into the NYC Porn Film Festival -- held in Brooklyn's Bushwick neighborhood -- but according to a source close to Cyrus, this never happened. 

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The video, directed by filmmaker Quentin Jones, is more S&M than pornography anyway, and features Miley in Fifty Shades of Grey-esque bondage. Tongue Tied has several scenes of Cyrus wearing a blindfold with her legs tied to a chair with only her nipples covered up by tape.

Some blogs are even pointing out the resemblance the images share to that of Madonna's "Justify My Love" music video.


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Cyrus used the video footage during her Bangerz tour this past year.

Despite the video's sexual nature, both Cyrus and Jones are not participating in the NYC Porn Festival in any way. 

However, the show must go on. The event runs from Feb. 27 through March 1 at Brooklyn's Secret Project Robot. Some other familiar faces' work reportedly featured at the festival include former MTV reality star Tila Tequila's sex tape -- which is to kick off opening night of the event -- and James Franco's Kink.