Melissa Rivers to Publish New Book Celebrating Joan Rivers

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Melissa Rivers has found a way to pay tribute to the special mother-daughter relationship she had with the late Joan Rivers.

The 47-year-old television host/producer just announced that she will be publishing a new book about her mother, titled The Book of Joan: Tales of Mirth, Mischief, and Manipulation. According to the book's publisher, she'll share "funny, poignant, and irreverent observations, thoughts, and tales about the woman who raised her, and is the reason she considers Valium one of the four basic food groups."

"In our family we always believed that laughter was the best medicine," Melissa says about her new book. "Not only are there less side effects than Prozac but it's a lot cheaper than therapy. I wanted to write a book that would make my mother laugh. I hope it makes you laugh, too."

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A taste of the hilarious childhood stories Melissa is set to share include a tidbit about when she was nine months old and her parents delivered her to Johnny Carson as a birthday gift, as well as a few amazing quotes only Joan could have come up with.

"I can do tips and discounts and figure out the number of gay men in an audience to make it a good show," she says her late mother told her. "That's all the math you’ll ever need."

The Book of Joan is set to hit shelves on May 5.

The beloved former Fashion Police host passed away on Sept. 4, having never woken up from a medically induced coma she was placed in after she stopped breathing while undergoing a throat procedure. She was 81 years old.

But clearly, her legacy lives on. Joan won a posthumous GRAMMY on Sunday for Best Spoken Word Album for narrating the audio version of her recent memoir Diary of a Mad Diva.

"My mother would be absolutely thrilled to be here. She loved getting anything -- If she thought she could get something at a Waffle House in Secaucus, she would be there," Melissa joked while accepting the GRAMMY on her mother's behalf.

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