You'll Never Guess Meghan Trainor's 'Lifelong Fear'

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Meghan Trainor has a fear that she may never need to conquer.

"I have a lifelong fear of camel toe," she admits to the London Evening Standardof the fashion faux pas. "And I told my record label right away that I would never wear a bathing suit on stage."

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That being said, she's not opposed to seeing her fellow pop stars strip down. "Jessie J and Ariana Grande can do it -- they've got those tiny a** legs -- but if I did, people would just be thinking, 'Vagina, vagina, vagina,'" Trainor quips.

Though the 21-year-old "All About That Bass" singer won't perform in a swimsuit, she's surprisingly not against getting naked. "I feel comfortable in my own skin and wouldn't say no to doing a nude photo shoot," Trainor says. "Not the Kim Kardashian 'here’s my nipples' thing, though. More Marilyn Monroe: sexy but subtle."

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While she's cool with her body, she's not so cool with pants on her body. "Skirts are my life," the Grammy nominee proclaims. "I wore trousers and a jacket on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and I was so uncomfortable. It drew too much attention to my butt."

For more on Trainor's butt, check out ET's interview with the pop star at the GRAMMYs, below.

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