Is This Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' Real Baby Name?

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After Ryan Reynolds recently debunked rumors that he and wife Blake Lively named their baby girl Violet, another report is claiming that the gorgeous couple actually decided to give their daughter a very different name.

And it's certainly nowhere near the more cutesy "Violet."

According toE! News, Blake and Ryan have decided to name their firstborn James.

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If the report is true, it shouldn't come as too much a surprise given the 27-year-old Gossip Girl star's own unisex name, as well as the increasing popularity of androgynous names. Example? Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher's baby girl Wyatt.

Though Reynolds, 38, has remained tight-lipped about personal details about his daughter, he did recently dish about life as a first-time father.

"It's still so new that it's hard to conceive being away for more than seven hours at a time," he told USA Today earlier this month.

He also revealed that the couple doesn't actually have a nanny.

"I don't sleep very much," he admits. "It's great. It's wonderful. But my brain is elsewhere."

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Blake gave birth to their first child in December. The two have been married since 2012, after meeting on the set of Green Lantern.

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