President Obama YOLOs With a Selfie Stick


Take selfies, and draw pictures of Michelle, apparently.

Thanks, Obama.

In support of, President Obama made a Buzzfeed video revealing what he does when no one is around -- takes selfies, works on his jump shot, and draws pictures of Michelle, apparently! Watch the video below.

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The president accomplishes some business in the video, reminding people that the open enrollment period for health coverage ends February 15. But mostly, we get a whole different side of POTUS!

He even practices his emoji face:


And if you've got a problem with it he's got an answer for you:


After all, he's got no more campaigns to run:


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This isn't the first time second-term Barack has shown us his fun side. Look at the president's response to a voter telling him not to touch his girlfriend:


ET's own Nischelle Turner was with First Lady Michelle Obama as she crowned the National School Counselor of the Year. Watch the video below!