'Fifty Shades of Grey' Sparks Protests -- But Not For What You Might Think


S&M advocates rally to protest the way the erotic film portrays their community.

Not everyone is excited about the cinematic adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey opening in theaters this Valentine’s Day weekend.

While the first screenings of the erotic film were devotedly filled by thousands last night in downtown Los Angeles, local dominatrix Mistress Tara Indiana organized a rally to protest the flick.

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"I feel this film misrepresents the S&M community. It perpetrates the worst stereotype: That it’s about rape and kidnapping," Indiana tells ET. "Being into the lifestyle does not mean you have a mental illness."

Indiana — who has starred in 200 films, dominated about 10,000 men and trained 1,000 dominatrixes — goes on to explain why this is detrimental to her community.


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"The fact that this main character, Christian Grey, is into S&M because he is damaged goods and has these demons he is battling, and through the love of this virginal woman, is cured and he doesn't have to do this stuff anymore. That’s like when psychologists told gay men the reason they are gay is because they had an overbearing mother and an absent father, and with therapy, they would be cured of this. That’s what it’s like for us. We don’t want to be cured—there is nothing wrong with us," she acknowledges.

Signs present at the rally included: "S&M is not abuse," "Mr. Grey is not a master he’s a stalker/rapist/sociopath," and "When Hollywood makes it, it’s art, when the S&M community makes it, it’s a crime."

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"I saw the poster around town promoting the film and I got angry,” Indiana continues. “I thought of how much money they are making while so many of my friends have died or been imprisoned and lost their freedom. Also, most people who see this movie are going to be exposed to S&M for the first time and are going to think this is what it’s about."

It’s not just S&M advocates protesting the film. Another group, Stop Patriarchy, protested how the violent, misogynist content in the film is glamorized. The organization held rallies at theaters in New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles.

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