Little Girl Dances With Excitement Every Time News Anchor on TV Celebrates the Snow Storm


Maybe this will make you feel better about the weather?

Would you prefer to watch a viral video featuring an adorable little baby being adorable? Or a video of local news anchor being absolutely nutso? Guess what: You don’t have to choose! This video is all of the above, wrapped into one.

Watch as a little girl gets excited and starts jumping around every time Jim Cantore, The Weather Channel’s longtime meteorologist, starts freaking out over thunder snow:

Sometimes you can have it all.

It’s so cute how excited the baby gets just seeing someone else get excited. It’s also weird how excited the weatherman gets about thunder. Also, basically the opposite of how anyone actually living in the storm feels.

Anyway, find out why North West is rocking a ‘Baby Yeezy’ buttetproof vest: