More Duggars! Jessa and Ben Seewald: 'We Want to Adopt'

Plus, Jessa thinks she's fat.

Whether they're biologically blessed with plenty of children or not, you can count on Jessa and Ben Seewald to have a big family of their own.

In a new interview with People, the 19 Kids and Counting stars reveal their desire to adopt.

"If God blesses us with biological kids of our own, it's not going to quench our desire to adopt," Jessa tells the magazine. "We hope to adopt a lot of kids."

"Kids are so important," Ben agrees.

Jessa, 22, and Ben, 19, are currently "exploring" the adoption process.

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This isn't the first time Jessa has expressed her desire for a large family of her own. Last November, she teased that she might even outdo her own mother Michelle.

"I might have more than 19 kids," she smiled in a video interview with TLC. "Probably not all biological. I want to adopt a lot."

The photogenic pair tied the knot last November at the First Baptist Church in Bentonville, Arkansas, in front of a whopping 1,000 guests. The two also opened up on how newlywed life is going, and clearly, they're still in the honeymoon phase.

Check out the couple playing a game of "Who's More Likely?"

Still, they do argue about some things. For example, Jessa's self-image.

"We fight about this. Jessa thinks she's fat, but she doesn't remember all the times people tell her that she looks great," Ben says, recalling when she got sensitive when her 6-year-old sister, Jordyn Duggar, asked her if she was pregnant. "Her sister is used to people in the family getting married and being pregnant right away. Of course she's going to look at Jessa and says she's pregnant."

Though according to Jessa, their arguments actually bring them closer.

"If we have a hard time and we talk about it, you just love each other so much more afterwards," Jessa says. "After a disagreement, I often feel, 'I have never loved you more than I love you now.'"

Still, nobody likes a fight.

"We try not to argue," Ben says.

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Last November, the two caused controversy when Jessa posted a kiss pic of the two, which some deemed a little too "intimate."

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