Let's All Celebrate the Adorable Winner of the Westminster Dog Show, Miss P the Beagle!

A true underdog.

Three cheers for Ch Tashtins Lookin For Trouble a.k.a. Miss P (we’ll still with Miss P). The 4-year-old beagle just won Best in Show at the 139th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

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Which means of the 2,711 dogs in competition, Miss P was the baddest bitch. Literally. Look at how she struts around the ring at Madison Square Gardens while her handler does that weird dog show walk-jog.

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Miss P was an underdog in the truest sense of the word (in so much as she was not who the crowd expected to win, and also she is a dog). The fan favorite was Swagger, an Old English sheepdog (below left), and the favorite to win was Charlie, a Skye terrier (right), who came in second. Another finalist was related to the Obama’s dog, Bo.

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OBVIOUSLY Miss P had to win! Look at her! The judges said she “had wonderful type” and a “wonderful head,” which we don’t know what that means, but it probably has to do with why they’re grabbing her face.

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Here Miss P basks in the glory of her win and also tries to chew the ribbon:

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The human man blessed to be Miss P’s handler, Will Alexander, told The New York Times, “She just never let me down. She didn’t make any mistakes.”

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Miss P is actually dog show royalty -- her uncle, Uno, was the first beagle to ever win Best in Show in 2008. Even when The Times shaded her by writing, “Miss P...did not exhibit the palpable charm of Uno, who howled at strategic points when he was judged at Westminster. Miss P is adorable, of course, but lacks the almost overwhelming charisma of her more famous relative, who became the most famous of all Westminster Best in Show winners.” Miss P kept it cute:

Because she knows she’s a winner.

Also, she probably knows The Times requested a comment from Uno’s owner, asking whether or not he watched his niece on TV, even though he’s a dog and THAT IS RIDICULOUS and The New York Times is ridiculous for even asking.

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