Maggie Grace Is Engaged!


Congrats to Maggie Grace!

The Taken star announced her engagement to How to Make Money Selling Drugs director Matthew Cooke by posting romantic pics to Instagram on Wednesday.

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"Matthew Cooke and I are so excited to share our engagement with you guys!" Grace wrote. "I could not feel more grateful to share my life with this incredible man."

The 31-year-old actress -- who's also been on such shows as Lost, Californication and The League --  and her husband-to-be had a photographer friend snap some fancy shots of the couple pics, as they were all dressed up for a Global Green event.

"Since we've got the photo thing covered should we just elope?!" Grace teased.

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Grace was once romantically linked to her Lost co-star Ian Somerhalder -- who played her brother on the show -- and admits that the two are still friends to New You magazine. "I haven’t dated too many actors. I did when I was really young, for a couple of years, but it’s nothing against actors," she said. "Ian Somerhalder and I are still very good friends. You can certainly reconcile schedules with actors but it takes some doing, and I just don’t have that energy."

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