Website Creator Received 'Death Threats' After Beyonce's Unretouched Photos Leaked


The Internet exploded Wednesday when fan site The Beyonce World leaked 224 apparently unretouched photos from Beyonce's commercial and print shoots for L'Oreal's 2013 Feria and Infallible campaign. ET spoke with one of the site's creators about the backlash surrounding the post.

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The creator, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells ET that he's received death threats since releasing the unretouched photos. He tells ET that a co-creator for the site -- a girl under the age of 18 -- "was overjoyed and wanted to share the fact that Beyonce seemed more like her. She was just excited that Bey had bad skin days too."

The website creator added that "most media sources should check their photos. Some places are running images that are altered to make Beyonce look worse. Some media sources are running images that were not actually on our site."
"Obviously giving people death threats for posting these photographs is way over the top," photographer and author Nigel Barker said. "Someone like Beyonce who has talent but is also a model affects the way we think of beauty. When the public sees her being ridiculed they're upset."

Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi defended the photos at the J. Mendel fashion show in New York.

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"I think we should all just stop re-touching," she told ET. "Just because we have the technology doesn't mean you should always use it."

The Beyonce World deleted the photos soon after receiving backlash from Beyonce's fans, known collectively as "The BeyHive." The fansite also released a statement about the controversy surrounding the photos.

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"Due to the disdain of the BeyHive, we have removed the photos," Beyonce World wrote in a statement. "We don't want to cause any drama, nor do we wish to start fan wars. Some of the things we have seen posted were just horrible, and we don't want any parts of it. We were just posting the photos to share the fact that our queen is naturally beautiful, at the same time she is just a regular woman."

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