Katy Perry Snaps Sexy Pose With Hot Italian Guy


Is Katy Perry appreciating the Italian culture?

Katy Perry is "nailing it" in Italy.

The "Dark Horse" singer saw some Italian art before her concert in Milan, and she decided to have some fun with it.

In this snap, she points out a very particular part of Michelangelo's sexy statue of David!

She also went to the tower of Pisa, and you could say she's "Wide Awake" with her mouth wide open.

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Perry's assistant even got in on the "nailing it" photo action with her as they both made some disgusted faces in front of Botticelli’s famed "Birth of Venus" from the 15th century.

But Perry does give the history some credit as she's all smiles in Florence with words for Italy, "BRAVO for preserving yourself so finely and not letting corporate companies bulldoze your historical streets."

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In addition to the culture, Perry has also enjoyed the food. On Friday, she tweeted, they should called rename Italy to "EATALY," and she included this photo for what she's feeling like after a couple of days.

Check out Katy Perry's best one-liners in the video below.