Kevin Hart Standing Next to Tall People Will Make Your Day

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He's a "grown little man!"

Kevin Hart was at the Oscars last night, and as per usual, he was hilarious and adorable.

The 5'4 (most everything says 5'4 but at least one site says 5'2) comedian told us that growing up, he knew very early he was going to have to be funny to get by.

"It was either make people laugh or fight," he told Nancy O'Dell. "I couldn't fight, so this was the only option I had."

While it's true Kevin Hart tends to find himself "the short one" in a lot of pictures he takes, it honestly just makes us love him even more.

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Here he his next to 6'11 NBA Center Dwight Howard:

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With 5'10 Khloe Kardashian, and 5'6 Kris Jenner, he's also the short guy:

His fellow short dude and The Wedding Ringer's Josh Gad has a slight advantage at 5'6:

Even 5'2 Anna Kendrick has a leg up on him with the benefit of heels:

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And put Rihanna, 5'8 in some heels and it's game over for Kevin:

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But Kevin Hart doesn't let his height stop him from being the center of attention. Like with the 5'8 Orange is the New Black star Taylor Schilling:

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Or his famous NBA friend, 6'8 LeBron James:

Or even 5'2 Salma Hayek (heels strike again!):

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Here are Kevin and his 5'4 fiancée totally owning the Oscars red carpet last night:

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Kevin says next year he wants to host, which is honestly a great idea.

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On March 27, you'll get to see Kevin in Get Hard with 5'9 rapper T.I. and 6'3 Will Ferrell:

But of course, our favorite thing ever is Kevin next to 7'1 Shaquille O'Neal:

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Thank you to Kevin for proving you don't have to be the tallest guy to be the biggest presence!

Kevin Hart actually gave our own Kevin Frazier a hard time over his Super Bowl selfie with Katy Perry. Watch the video below!