Elsa From 'Frozen' Finally Arrested After Prolific Freezing Spree

Sakalas Photography

Snow Queen Elsa was "arrested" Monday by the Hanahan Police Dept. in South Carolina after a prolific cold spree spanning much of the South, Midwest and Eastern seaboard .

The Disney Princess is charged with creating weather patterns that have landed her arrest warrants as far inland as Harlan, Ky.

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The altercation between Elsa and officers was documented by Sakalas Photography, and appears to have been thankfully mostly peaceful.

No word as of now on whether her foreign royalty status, or the fact that she's pretend, will allow her to flee the country before trial.

It is also important for residents in affected areas to be wary of any copycat cold fronts, and to stay safe, warm, and inside whenever possible.

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Hopefully we can all take this rain of Frozen terror and finally "Let it Go."

Residents in Southern California have been largely unaffected by Elsa's charged crimes, some even taking to writing facetious stories on the Internet from their largely agreeable semi-arid climate.

Whether or not this will affect plans for Elsa's sister's birthday remains to be seen. Watch the video below.