Steve Harvey Stages a Dating Game to Help ET's Nischelle Turner Find a Man!

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ET's Nischelle Turner got to play Steve Harvey's version of The Dating Game, where she found herself in quite a dilemma.

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Right off the bat, the choice seemed to be a case of body vs. brains, as the contestants were 34-year-old NFL free agent Israel Idonije and Harvard grad Jim.

Nischelle knew Israel from her days as a sideline reporter but Jim was a total stranger to her. Fortunately for Jim, he made a terrific first impression when he described his "perfect date."

"We'll hop on a plane, fly to the Bahamas, do a little spa weekend," Jim said.

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As Nischelle mulled over her decision, Steve, who calls himself a CLO (Chief Love Officer), gave her some advice.

"Men are very simple," Steve said. "If your standards are high, we'll pay the standard price and we'll pay more. All you are looking for at the end of the day is a guy who is going to give you all that he has. You just need a guy that's ready."

Steve also added that it's wise to find a guy that's on the same page.

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"Women should not go for test drives because you always end up getting drove," Steve explained. "See, what women do is 'Well, I'm just going to date a little bit and then mess around,' and you develop feelings all the time test driving. Then you develop feelings and go, 'He ain't feeling the same way.' So you go for your test drive and you end up getting drove. Women are not designed that way. You're not designed for test drives."

With help from her mom, who was in the audience, Nischelle thought that she was close to a decision until Steve threw another mystery man into the mix. Watch the video to find out the Oscar winner became a last-minute contestant!