'American Sniper' Widow Praises Jury for Convicting Husband's Killer

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Chris Kyle's wife breaks her silence after her husband's killer was found guilty.

Taya Kyle broke her silence on Wednesday after a jury found her husband Chris Kyle's killer, Eddie Ray Routh, guilty.

Calling it a "poetic morning," the American Sniper widow wrote a lengthy Facebook post about how pleased she was with Tuesday's verdict.

"God Bless the Jury And good people of Stephenville, Texas!!" Taya wrote, praising the jury's decision.

Routh, a former Marine, killed Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield at a shooting range near Fort Worth, Texas on Feb. 2, 2013. Following the guilty verdict, Routh was sentenced to life in prison without a possibility of parole.

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"Chris, you are the love of my life. You live on in my heart. You always will," the message read. "I hope we all live lives that make you proud. And babe, Rest assured you don't need a fancy resting place - you live on... Safe In the hearts you left behind."

Taya also references her husband's friend who wrote a song that she says matches her mood after the verdict. "This song is Chris. It is me," she added. "It is all the people who carry Chris in the hearts he left behind." The song, "Hearts I Leave Behind" (feat. Wynonna Judd), is available on iTunes and all proceeds go to the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.

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Chris Kyle's widow was constantly at her husband's trial and was the first witness called to the stand.

On Sunday, she attended the 87th Academy Awards in support of the film, American Sniper, based on her husband's autobiography. Sienna Miller plays Taya in the film, while Bradley Cooper was nominated for an Oscar for his role as Chris.