8 Musicals We'd Love to See Lady Gaga Star In!

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Now that Lady Gaga is coming to American Horror Story, it's safe to say her comeback (should we call it a comeback?) is fully underway.

Seeing Lady Gaga kill it at the Oscars singing Julie Andrews' classic standards (after months of hard work and preparation), coupled with the fact that she's doing more acting, has us dreaming of Broadway being the next step in Mother Monster's career. So we started thinking of musicals she'd be great for.

Theeen we got a little carried away....

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1. The Sound of Music (obviously)

Perfect Part:

Goes without saying, we all saw her show-stopping performance!

2. Guys and Dolls

Perfect Part:

Gaga would be particularly comfortable with this role, because she actually already played Adelaide in high school!

3. Wicked

Perfect Part:

Admit it: You would watch a televised and/or theatrical version of Wicked where Mother Monster plays all the witches and maybe everyone else too. And no one would love to take on that challenge more than Gaga. In fact, there's no way anyone wouldn't watch this production so how is it not already a thing? There you go musical makers! There's your INFINITE DOLLAR idea!

3. Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Perfect Part:

The titular transgender rock star is typically played by a male, but that in no way means Gaga couldn't kill it in this part. Besides, Gaga is no stranger to exploring gender identity. Remember Jo Calderone at the 2011 VMAs?

4. Peter Pan

Perfect Part:
Peter Pan

Sorry Allison Williams! But we really want to see what Gaga can do with this one.

4. Grease

Perfect Part:

If you don't think Stefani Germanotta could nail the part of Sandy, then you're out of your mind!

5. Cats

Perfect Part:
Any part

Because cats.

6. The Phantom of the Opera

Perfect Part:

This part needs a powerful opera voice, and Lady Gaga could handle the responsibility. Plus, she already has a Phantom tribute with Tony Bennett. Honestly, with all the masks she's worn, she'd probably be a good phantom too.

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7. West Side Story

Perfect Part: We're gonna go ahead and leave this one to the casting directors.

Set in Manhattan's Upper West Side where Gaga grew up, it's hard to believe she wouldn't take this classic and run with it!

8. Bad Romance (The Lady Gaga Musical)

Admit it: You just got chills. This is the next big "nominated for every Tony ever" thing. Besides, if Green Day gets a musical, then Lady Gaga gets a damn musical too.

Opening Number:
"Bad Romance"

Introduction to the love story:

Big number to take us into intermission:
"The Edge of Glory"

The Gershwin Theatre turns into a dance festival for 15 minutes featuring a live DJ spinning a remix of "Just Dance," "Love Game," "Telephone," and "Do What U Want."

"All Is Lost" Moment:

Grand Finale:
"You and I"/ "Bad Romance" (Reprise)

Lights Up music:

Is this the best idea ever? Or is this the best idea ever?

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What musical would you like to see Gaga do?