Best Dog in the World Shovels Snow for Her Owner, Makes All Other Dogs Feel Inferior


Thanks for nothing, Fido.

Who’s a good dog? Who’s a good dog? Apparently not our dog.

We thought we had the most well-behaved, smartest, most special dog in the world. Sure, our dogs can sit and stay and give us lots of love and affection. But there are dogs who can take the bus to the dog park by themselves.

And here’s Elsa from Ontario who knows that if she wants to play hockey...

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She has to help shovel the hockey rink first. This dog will shovel snow for you!


How do you even train a dog to do this? Can someone send us a YouTube tutorial? Or a HowTo list? Because we know quite a few people would love an extra helping hand -- or four -- considering it’s basically a freezing tundra outside.

Dogs shoveling snow...

Now we’ve seen everything.

While you’re here, meet Miss P, the adorable and very talented winner of the prestigious Westminster Dog Show: