9 Reasons Why We Like Jamie Dornan and His Wife's Love Story Better Than 'Fifty Shades'

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Supposedly if you take out the whips and the chains and floggers and the butt plugs, Fifty Shades of Grey is really just a love story. But the more epic love story is happening before our very eyes: It’s not Christian and Anastasia, it’s Jamie Dornan and his wife, singer and sometimes actress Amelia Warner. Here are all the reasons why we prefer their story:

(Full disclosure: This is mostly just an excuse to look at pictures of them together and say “cuuuuuuuuuute!” We hope you approve of our motives.)

1. First of all, look at them.

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Have you ever seen a more attractive couple? And not just in the vain, superficial sense -- though that too. They’re so cute together.

2. Look at how he looks at her.

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3. And how she looks at him.

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4. And how she looks at him looking at her looking at him looking at her!

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Relationship goal: This. Where was this level of chemistry in Fifty Shades?

5. Because they seem attached at the hip. On the red carpet:

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6. And off the red carpet:

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On land...

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7. And at sea:

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Hey! Don’t get distracted by shirtless Jamie Dornan. This isn’t that kind of listicle. Anyway, doesn’t a day at the beach sound better than like, flying around in a weird drone with your boyfriend who stalked you across the country (or whatever that was at the end of Fifty Shades)?

8. Because honestly, we don’t know them like that, but they seem like a chill, cute couple who do normal things and don’t talk non-stop about signing sex contracts or not signing sex contracts and we don’t need that kind of drama in our lives, Christian and Ana:

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Jamie and Amelia just do things like get coffee while Amelia wears an awesome coat that we’re super jealous we don’t own.

9. And because Jamie seems like a true gentleman to her:

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Christian tried to pretend he was a gentleman, but dude is just rich. Not the same. He was way too controlling. It’s 2015, man, no women needs to be told what to do ALL. THE. TIME. #LeanIn

Look at Jamie carrying the groceries for his pregnant wife and being patient. Which brings us to the main point: Yes, he is a dad, to a 1-year-old daughter, Dulcie! He’s a DILF, people! Amelia made that possible! DILFs > Billionaires, any day. Thank you, Amelia!

(Oh, and if you’re a Amelia Warner hater because you heard a rumor that Jamie Dornan wasn’t doing Fifty Shades Darker because she told him not to, well, that’s not true. So now you have to love her.)

Speaking of, here’s what Jamie has to say about the Fifty Shades sequel: