Jennifer Lawrence's Pajama Pants: 11 Deeply Reflective Questions They Bring to Mind

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Stay warm, Jennifer Lawrence!

The Catching Fire actress, who was sadly absent from awards season, braved a snowy Boston day with a natural look in boots and a cozy looking pair of pajama pants. J-Law is in town filming Joy which reunites the actress with her Silver Linings Playbook team, Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, and director David O. Russell.

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And it sounds like despite the cold weather, things are pretty heated on the set. TMZ reports that there was a loud argument between Jennifer and Russell this week because she reportedly didn't like the way the Oscar-winning director was directing a scene. A rep for the movie studio Fox 2000 however, reportedly chalked the shouting match up to "method acting."

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Annnnyway, something about this picture of a sleepy looking Lawrence in pajama pants makes us deeply reflective, and brings up 11 questions we will offer without expectation.

1. Do celebrities buy pajama pants where everyone else buys pajama pants?

2. Is Jennifer Lawrence having "one of those days?"

3. Does Jennifer Lawrence have more "of those days" than we do?

4. Should we call our fathers more often?

5. Did Jennifer Lawrence call her father today?

6. How well do pajama pants hold up against the wind and snow?

7. Do Jennifer Lawrence's pajama pants do better in the wind and snow than ours would?

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8. Why don't we make snowmen any more?

9. Has Jennifer Lawrence made more snowmen than us?

10. If snowmen all melt, can they never grow up?

11. What about Jennifer Lawrence in pajama pants brings out these raw human emotions?

We've got some thinking to do.

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