The White & Gold or Blue & Black Dress: The 5 Stages of Dealing With the Debate

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There is a picture of a dress that is tearing our society apart, and everyone is eventually going to have to come to terms with the fact that reality is a construct and we are all insane.

If you haven’t heard, this dress is being seen by people as both white and gold or blue and black, depending on the person looking at it. And, in some cases, the same people are seeing it differently when they look at it multiple times.

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While no one has yet proposed a truly convincing answer as to why this madness has descended upon us, most people seem to dealing with it in almost the same way. Here are the five stages of dealing with the magical dress of insanity.

Stage 1: Denial

"Obviously, that dress is white and gold. What do you mean you see black and blue? We’re looking at the same picture and it’s clearly white and gold. You’re just wrong. You’re messing with me."

Stage 2: Anger

"NO! Clearly that dress is white and gold! Are you insane or are you dumb? You’re trying to get me to think I’m the one who’s crazy and I’m not!"

Stage 3: Bargaining

"Maybe… if we change the saturation like Mashable tried to do? Yeah… yeah that could work. Maybe if I just change the brightness and saturation all this madness will die down, and reality can go back to being a constant."

Stage 4: Depression

"Reality will never be the same again… How could this be happening? Everybody just needs to drink liquor until we all see that dress as white and gold. I’ll start!"

Stage 5: Acceptance

"Everything I ever thought about color and reality and nature is false. This dress is both white and gold AND blue and black. The sky is down and the ground is up and clouds are made of cotton candy. Why not? Oh hey, look, now I see it as blue and black too... huh."

Will this dress bring about the end of civilization as we know it? Probably not. Do we care what Taylor Swift thinks? Yes, definitely.

But does that change the way we see it? No, not at all! We do agree with her regarding feeling "scared and confused," though.

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