This Baby Biting His Dad Then Laughing Uncontrollably Is the New 'Charlie Bit Me'


Remember “Charlie Bit Me,” arguably one of the first super huge, mega viral videos? Where that little British baby bites his older brother and can’t stop laughing? And then the brother sticks his finger in the baby’s mouth again? “Ouch, Charlie! OOOOOOOOOOOOUCH. Charlie, that really hurt!” It’s been watched almost 3 million times and autotuned like infinity times.

Well consider this the new “Charlie Bit Me.”

Sure, it doesn’t have little kids with British accents -- which is arguably the cutest thing in the world -- but watching how much baby Liam laughs after “biting” his dad during his first time getting his teeth brushed will fill your adorable quota for the day:

And at least this baby doesn’t laugh like a super villain. Mwahaha.

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