The Great Dress Debate: Where Did The Dress Actually Come From?

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As The Great Dress Debate wages on, Dr. Travis Stork of The Doctors explains to ET why some people see the dress as black and blue, while others see it as white and gold.

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This whole debacle all started when a picture of a dress was uploaded to Tumblr, asking what color it was. Innocent enough except it then started a debate that would tear families and friendships apart.

According to Dr. Stork, there's a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this.

"This is a very rare phenomenon," he said. "Every image we see we Photoshop or auto correct, but less than 0.1 percent of the time will what you see actually differ from my perception. This happens to be one of those times."

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We tracked down the dress, which is only available online and overseas, at a North London store called Roman Originals where it sells for about $70.

"We sold out within an hour," Annette Warner, sales support manager at Roman Originals, said. "It's just crazy. I went out at lunchtime to get some lunch and I was mobbed in the street, because I've got the dress on."

Get a complete breakdown of what colors celebs are seeing when they check out the most controversial dress in history.

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