William Shatner Answers Fan Questions About Leonard Nimoy In Twitter Tribute

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William Shatner answered fan questions about Leonard Nimoy as a way to remember him.

After Shatner said that he wouldn't be able to make it to Nimoy's funeral on Sunday due to a prior commitment he had for the Red Cross Ball in Florida on Saturday night, he honored his words by saying he would remember his friend and celebrate his life.

In fact, he even posted a time for fans to convene and made the hashtag #LeonardNimoy for fans to ask him questions about his late Star Trek costar.

He starts out with his own memory of Leonard who passed away at the age of 83 on Friday.

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"Leonard and I seemed to be bound by fate to be friends. We were born 4 days apart. He was tall, lanky and sometimes a bit too serious. We worked together previous to Star Trek, first impressions: nice guy, a real professional, took the job/role seriously," Shatner says in a series of tweets.

Shatner then answers fan questions. When asked his favorite memory of Nimoy, he writes, "Every moment I spent with him."

While he kept his answers short to keep up with Twitter's character limits, the answers were just as meaningful.

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"What's the coolest thing he gave you that you've kept?" a fan wants to know. Shatner responds, "His love and friendship."

And in one of the most telling tweets, Shatner describes his friend.

When a fan brings up that this conversation must be emotional for Shatner, he says, "It's healing," and he ends the conversation with a thank you for remembering Nimoy with him.

Nimoy will be remembered by his friends and family on Sunday at his funeral service. Watch the video below to see how the character of Spock changed Nimoy.