Katy Perry Is Selling a Left Shark Onesie (In Case You Still Love That Meme From the Super Bowl)

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Apparently someone hasn’t heard that that blue and black (or is it white and gold?!) dress is the only meme people care about these days...

Try to remember all the way back to the Super Bowl -- a month ago in real time, a million lifetimes ago in Internet time -- and Katy Perry’s infamous Left Shark, the dancer who was dressed as a shark and couldn’t quite hit the moves, but won Twitter’s heart anyway (and turned out to be really, really hot).

Surely a handful of people were planning to #TBT this Halloween and dress as Left Shark. Well, Katy just made it a lot easier for you:

That sound you hear is Katy Perry laughing her way to the bank.

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After the halftime show, it was reported that Katy was attempting to copyright Left Shark and her lawyer was allegedly sending cease and desist letters to anyone shilling Left Shark swag. Now we know why. If anyone is going to monetize that stupid meme, it’s the woman who put the damn dancing sharks on the stage in the first place.

And if you (still) want to dress like Left Shark, it’ll cost you -- the adult onesie will set you back $129.99. Which, admittedly, is less money and less of a life commitment than the guy who got Left Shark tattooed on his body: 

People confuse us.

Now, find out why Taylor Swift is never, ever, ever talking about Katy again: