Aubrey Plaza Gifted 'Parks & Rec' Co-star Aziz Ansari with Blood and Hair (Sorta)

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Aziz Ansari got a goodbye gift from his Parks and Recreation co-star Aubrey Plaza he won't soon forget.

The comedian revealed on Monday's Conan that Plaza gave him a vial of blood and hair with a note that reads: "Aziz, no words can describe how much I care about you but a pack of my blood and a chard of my hair."

While the present is a bit creepy, the sentiment is sweet. "I give you a spell for when we're apart. Put me somewhere safe and always keep me in your heart. Love, Aubrey."

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While not every person would appreciate such a gift, Aziz found it "beautiful."

But that's not the end of the story.

"So, cut to this weekend and I saw her," the comedian begins. "Somehow this gift came up and my girlfriend was like, 'Well Aubrey, that's not really your blood, right?' And she was like, 'No!'"

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Turns out it's just some "f**king jelly or something," and it's not even her hair! "So, what is this thing? You just gave me trash?" he exclaims. "This is just trash in a bottle."

Clearly upset, he adds, "I've been keeping it in my heart, Conan. For nothing!"

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