16 Most Adorably Awkward Hugs Of All Time

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As Ariana Grande proved during this meet and greet with her fans, hugs are hard. But sometimes weird hug can be the best hugs. So along with Ariana's meet and greet, let's look at what happens when friendly embraces get super awkward.

Here's to all the weird huggers!

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We all know the struggle.

Even King James and the Duchess of Cambridge can't quite get it right.

Some don't line up quite right.

Some line up a little too well.

Some are a little prom-posey.

Even old friends have trouble.

Sometimes even wizards can't figure it out.

Hugs are hard when you don't know what to do with your hands.

When you try to add one more in.

And when you're a LEGO.

It doesn't matter if you're a couple of basketball legends.

If you're Jennifer Aniston and Emma Stone.

Or just two cool people.

Getting it right is not really what it's about.

So embrace the weird hug, it's a beautiful thing.

After all, an awkward hug is better than none!

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