Incredible Impressionist Performs 'Uptown Funk' Using 'Family Guy' Voices


The best song of 2014 and 2015 keeps getting awesome covers!

After seeing Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' hit performed by high school students, Glee, and some awesome elderly people, we get to hear the song through the voices of Quahog, R.I.!

In this YouTube video, Mikey Bolts effortlessly switches between various Family Guy characters (as well as some other popular cartoon favorites) to make dragons want to retire once again.

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He can do Peter Griffin:


He can do Stewie:


He NAILS Joe Swanson:


But our favorite is probably Hank from King of the Hill:


Seriously Hank is the best.

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It's safe to say if Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane ever needs a day off, he can just give this guy a ring!

Watch this teacher and students perform an "Uptown Funk" dance routine below.