Why Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs Are the Most Underrated Couple in Hollywood

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Robert Pattinson
’s first girlfriend since Kristen Stewart may have come as a bit of a surprise: English singer-songwriter FKA twigs. But the couple makes so much sense. And more importantly (at least to us), they’re so, so cute. Here are the many reasons why:

1. Because he's so supportive of her music. If you haven’t heard FKA twigs album, LP1, go download it now. It’s totally trippy and beautiful and unlike anything on the radio these days. As it pertains here, you can’t go to an FKA concert these days without Rob also being in attendance.

2. And she seems to make him very, very smiley:

No more of the moody, broody R.Pattz of Twi years.

3. Because she stands up for herself. After their relationship became public knowledge, certain Robsten shippers with a tenuous grip on reality and an inability to let go of the past lashed out at her with racism and vitriol, and she swiftly called them out.

Yas, queen.

4. But says, despite it all, dating Rob is worth it: “Vacuous attention, it feels disgusting. It’s like a hangover. It’s weird,” she told USA Today. “I know that’s not really because of me or what I’m doing, [but] the positivity that I get from [my relationship] makes the more challenging aspects...very worth it.”

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5. And all the other sweet things she says about him, like this bit from an interview with The Guardian: "That side of my life [the paparazzi] is nothing to do with me. That is the side of life of the man that I love. When that started happening I had to--because that is the opposite of who I am as a person, and it was weird, then I had to sit back and have a conversation with myself and I had to say: that is something really horrible. No, not horrible, I don't find it horrible, it's something that's very challenging. I look uncomfortable because I am uncomfortable. But then it's, like, is this person in my life worth that? And he is, without question. Do you know what I mean? In comparison to how happy I am. And how I feel with him. It's 100% worth it. Does that make sense?"

6. Because it’s all but impossible to find pictures of them where they’re not holding hands:

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7. See?

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8. Or otherwise being affectionate:

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There’s no sneaking around or hiding from paps this time. They’re just...chill.

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9. Because he’s so gentleman-y around her, opening doors and stuff:

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10. See?

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11. Because, honestly, they just look damn good together. Even their paparazzi shots look like magazine editorials:

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12. Like is this a creepy paparazzi shot or a centerfold from Vogue?!

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13. Because we like to think she unleashes some of his weird side:

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At least it would explain this haircut.

14. But mostly...did we mention they’re CUTE?

Long live Rob P. and FKA twigs! Or live as long as they want to be together! Let’s not make this relationship weird like we all did with that last one.

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