Harrison Ford Twice Rescued Lost Hikers in His Own Helicopter

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Harrison Ford, who was injured Thursday when his plane crashed into a golf course in Venice, Calif., is also a real-life hero who twice in one year rescued lost or stranded hikers.

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Ford, 72, lived part time at an 800-acre ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyo., and flew his own helicopter as part of local search and rescue missions.

In 2001, a then-13-year-old Utah Boy Scout named Cody Clawson, spent a rainy night lost and alone outside in Yellowstone National Park, CBSNews.com reported at the time. He was eventually spotted by Ford and another searcher.

"Boy, you sure must have earned a merit badge for this one," Ford said, according to CBSNews.

"I already earned this badge last summer," Clawson replied.

"Cody said the kids asked if he got an autograph and he said, 'No, but I got a hug and a handshake, and that's better than an autograph,'" said his mother, Peggy Clawson.

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Less than a year before, Harrison rescued hiker Sarah George off the 11,106-ft. Table Mountain in Teton County, Wyo., after she was weakened by altitude sickness and dehydration, ABCNews.com reported.

"He was wearing a T-shirt and a cowboy hat," George said at the time. "He didn’t look like I’d ever seen him before."

Teton County Sheriff Bob Zimmer said Ford’s volunteer efforts saved the department $1,000 an hour, the amount it would have cost to hire a private pilot.

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