16 Times We Related to Dakota Johnson Too Well

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Dakota Johnson is all of us. And we are all Dakota Johnson.

Dakota Johnson
is a famous movie star with equally famous movie star parents, a movie franchise all her own, impeccable taste in fashion and a front row seat at every major fashion show. She is also all of us. And we are all Dakota Johnson.

1. Like when you pretend you’re best friends with Beyoncé:

2. When you get The Hills theme song stuck in her head and just have to belt it.

3. When you tell your mom something OK and she’s all, “Well, I won’t if it’s going to embarrass you.” And you’re like “MOM. I ALREADY TOLD YOU. GOD MOM.”

4. And when you really want your mom to do something for you but she’s busy:

5. When you can’t remember someone’s name and fail at “Hey…..you”ing them.

6. When you get set up for the perfect joke and just can’t help yourself:

You gotta! It was too easy!

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7. When you tell and inappropriate joke at the wrong time but you gotta admit it’s still funny…

8. When you’re going out and you’re on fleek and you know it:

9. When you’re pretty sure you’re nailing the whole hitting on someone thing:

10. And when you can’t help that you’re sexy and you know it:

11. When your mom is posing for a picture and you’re like, “OK, mom...”

12. When your parents don’t trust you but you totally know what you’re doing:

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13. When you’re telling a joke and start laughing because you know the funny part is coming up:

14. When you’re being self-depricating but really know you’re smarter than everyone around you:

15. Literally anyone who’s ever watched even a single episode of Intervention:

16. And when someone keeps talking but you’re just ready to GTFO of there:


Now, watch a 10-year-old Dakota walk the Oscars red carpet in 2000: