Kanye West Might Have a Thing for Draco Malfoy Hair and We Can Prove It

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Kim Kardashian's platinum blonde hair has already rocked the Internet, and now the bold new look is a topic of conversation in the wizarding world.

Harry Potter
star Tom Felton has called out Kim for biting on his Draco Malfay 'do.

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The weird thing is, the more we see Kanye out and about with bleach blonde Kim, the more we think Tom kind of has a point! Just think about how:

1. Kanye West has been awfully smiley around Kim lately.

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We've seen West smile probably infinite more times than usual since Kim bleached her hair (our lawyers cannot verify this claim).

2. For reference, this is what happy Kanye looked like before Kim's big hair transfiguration (yes, we remember the spell types):


We couldn't before, but now we can!

3. Kanye's been pretty grabby lately too.

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Looks like Kanye might have had a little too much Amortentia! (That's the love potion in Harry Potter).

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4. REALLY grabby.

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Expelliarmus, 'Ye!

5. They've basically been inseparable.

6. And don't get us started on the PDA.

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Case closed right? Kanye's apparently really into Kim with Draco hair. That's what we thought before Jason Isaacs, Tom's Harry Potter dad busted the whole thing open.

Great, now we can't stop saying "luscious Lucius."

Watch the video below to see what Hogwarts Houses Tom Felton would sort Kim and Kanye into!