14 Times Emma Watson Inspired Us to Do Better

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The only woman cooler than Hermoine Granger is the one who played her: Emma Watson. As we’re basking in the afterglow of International Women’s Day, it seemed like the perfect time to run down the many ways Watson has made us want to be better.

1. When she was literally perfect in every sense of the word:

2. But knew what’s on the outside is less important than what’s on the inside:

3. And that she shouldn’t base her self-worth on what size dress she wears:

4. And to embrace your flaws and be OK with your physical imperfections:

5. When she was proud of her desire to learn, even if it wasn’t always “cool”:

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6. And when she made learning cool for billions of other people via Hermoine:

7. When she always tried to stay true to herself:

8. And liked what she likes and was content with it:

9. When she was self-aware of her status and conscious of how she existed in a bigger world:

10. When she took a stance:

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11. When she was determined to fight for what she thinks is right:

12. When she was persistent in the face of adversity:

13. When she demanded we embrace our diversity:

14. And when she showed the importance of having standards:

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