Debby Ryan Says She Was in an Abusive Relationship

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Debby Ryan is opening up a relationship with someone she says she considered her best friend.

Debby Ryan is opening up.

The Jessie star recently spoke to Teen Vogue, telling the magazine that she was in an abusive relationship with someone she considered to be a best friend and who she worked with in a professional capacity.

The 21-year-old actress doesn't identify the person, but said she hasn’t spoken to him in a month. "I told him to leave my life," Ryan told the magazine. "So he threw a phone at me and it shattered to pieces and he was screaming, punching the wall, and cussing me out. Then he started bawling and said he’s sorry and loves me."

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She also spoke of the warning signs. "People that demand your password and always look over your shoulder, ask who you're texting, and grab your phone and let themselves in -- that's not okay," she said. "The time I decided to get out wasn't too late, but it was really, really late in the game. I'm very fortunate because I had people help me get this person out of my life, out of my house -- like physically lock the door."

Ryan said she doesn't want other women to go through what she went through, saying, "To be able to know that you're worth more than that and fight for yourself is a really difficult thing."

She is encouraging others to take measures to prevent domestic violence by being an advocate for "Don't Look Away," a campaign that encourages texts to 22522 with the words "loveis" if you or someone you know needs help.

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According to the campaign's website, 1 in 4 women will experience abuse in their lifetime.

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