Elizabeth Hurley Says Hugh Grant Is 'Annoying,' 'Grumpy' -- But a '10' in Bed

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When it comes to shagging Hugh Grant and the royal family, Elizabeth Hurley does not plead the fifth!

During a visit to Watch What Happens Live, the 49-year-old actress is grilled by host Andy Cohen on her ex-beau Hugh Grant.

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“He used to really annoy me. I love him but he’s very annoying,” Hurley said when asked about why the two broke up after 13 years together. “Did he annoy you when he was here?”

“He was very cranky,” Cohen said in response to Hurley’s question. And in Cohen’s defense, Grant made a disgruntled appearance while on the show just weeks prior, looking very annoyed by the whole experience.

“He is grumpy,” Hurley added, further dismantling the charming, romantic image fans have of the actor.

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However, when it came to his performance in bed, Hurley had nothing but praise: “10! I was with him for 13 years.”

But the real test came when Cohen asked who among the royal family -- Prince Charles and his two sons William and Harry -- would Hurley “shag, marry, kill”?

“I would marry Prince Charles, misbehave with Prince Harry,” Hurley said with a sudden realization about where that left William. “But I would have to kill Prince William. [Laughs]”