The 26 Most Important Shirtless Pictures of Scott Eastwood

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Scott Eastwood
is not ugly in clothes (see: above), but we don’t hate him shirtless either. Here are 26 of his most important shirtless pictures, and it’s worth mentioning that Scott was the one who posted them all, so bless you, Scott Eastwood. Bless you.

1. When he got shirtless for a parfum, but forgot to center the picture, but we weren’t that mad because he got the pecs in and that’s what matters:

2. When he drank coffee like a normal, everyday person drinks coffee:

3. When Scott Eastwood bought a little pink fan, so we bought a little pink fan:

4. When he was alive on a good day:

5. When life truly was much better down where it’s wetter:

6. When bae caught him sleeping:

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7. When he out Leo DiCaprio'd Leo Dicaprio at “King of the World”-ing:

8. When we realized yeah, we’d still be interested if he looked like this:

9. When he inspired our very first construction worker fantasy and now we’re not allowed near construction sites:

10. When he made fishing not boring:

For once.

11. And exercising not seem horrible:

12. When his biceps said hello and goodbye at the same time:

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13. When he flexed instead of saying “cheese” and made all his friends feel bad:

14. When dat ass though:

15. When he thought we were stupid, but we weren’t born yesterday, Scott:

16. When he was in a movie with Brad Pitt but Brad Pitt was not in a shirtless Instagram picture with him:

A missed opportunity, absolutely.

17. When these dead fish didn’t even deter us:

18. When we wanted to be that turkey leg (or something sexy, whatever):

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19. When he acted like we didn’t look at every picture from this photoshoot immediately:

OK, Scott.

20. When we hated this girl:

21. When we’re pretty sure he wasn’t wearing any underwear:

22. When we liked his friend too:

23. When he cooled down and we heated up:

24. When, what is there to say about this picture? Just enjoy it:

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25. This fake Tinder profile that we would definitely swipe right:

26. And the non-catfished picture, because bigger really is better:

Swipe right indeed.

If you’re not swooning already, watch Scott sing Tina Turner for ETonline: