So Kanye West Wore High-Heeled Velvet Boots And We Have Some Questions

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Seems like Kanye West has come a long way from Reese's t-shirts and backpack straps!

The Louis Vuitton Don stepped out with Kim at Paris Fashion Week rocking some heeled Velvet boots that demand our attention.

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Those are some high heels!

It's a bold look for sure, which is nothing new for Kanye, but it does raise some interesting questions.

What does being slightly taller do to Kanye's already sky-high confidence?
Are they all soft on the inside too?
Are they comfy?
Can we feel them?
Did Kim suggest the boots?
Was Kim trying to tell him that she wanted to wear the boots?
Straight up: Are they Kim's boots?

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A lot of people are working this Kim angle.

The look does have its share of haters.

Saying this is not the Yeezus they know.

Or just like, why?

It does need to be addressed.

But some people actually kinda like the boots.

They think the boots are really pretty dope.

Do your thing, Yeezy!

Check out more of Kanye and Kim's Paris Fashion Week below.