Cybill Shepherd Shares Her Spiritual Journey

The 'Do You Believe' actress opens up about her faith.

Cybill Shepherd says she's always been a believer.

The Do You Believe actress opened up to ET about how her faith got her through tough times.

In 2012, Cybill was engaged to psychologist Andrei Nikolajevic, but they never made it to the alter.

"I think I had a bit of a broken heart, and there was a part of it that wasn't going to heal, and that's when I turned to Jesus and then I got the offer to do this film," she said.

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In the new Christian drama, Do You Believe, Cybill plays a grieving mother. "It's really kind of a heavy part, but you get to see her come around and get her faith back," she explains. "And that's the journey. It was thrilling to play that."

While her role is more faith-based now, Cybill has played sexy characters such as Betsy in the 1976 film Taxi Driver and on TV as Maddie Hayes in Moonlighting during the 1980s.

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Hear Cybill open up about her faith in the video above, and you can see her star in Do You Believe, which opens in theaters on March 20.