Big Sean Reveals How Ariana Grande Reacted to His Very Inappropriate Lyric About Her

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The risk of dating a musician?

The possibility that he or she might write a song about you that crosses into TMI territory, which is exactly what happened with Ariana Grande and her boyfriend, rapper Big Sean. His new album, Dark Sky Paradise, contains some very eyebrow-raising lyrics, which Rolling Stone recently called him out on in a new interview.

Specifically, his song "Stay Down" contains the NSFW lyrics, "I got a million-dollar chick with a billion-dollar p**sy/Every time I come, I swear to God I feel rich."

... Seriously?!

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"Yeah, that line is awesome," the 26-year-old rapper laughs, who's no stranger to writing about his past relationships.

But was the 21-year-old "Love Me Harder" singer upset about the crude lyrics?

"I don't have to run it by my girl, but she hears," he dishes. "I played her the whole album before it came out, so she heard everything."

Apparently, it doesn't bother her at all.

"She's super supportive," he says. "It's cool, because she was a fan of mine before anything. The first thing she said when she met me was, 'Yo, I love your music,' and she rapped my verse from 'Gang Bang' with Wiz Khalifa. She was just an actress on TV at the time."

"She's very open-minded," he stresses. "I'm proud of her."

Judging by Ariana's Instagram, she's definitely beyond proud of her boyfriend's new album. Last month she posted a video of her rapping his song "Play No Games" to Big Sean himself, writing, "'Play No Games' is one of my favorites off the album but this whole album is beyond incredible. Every song, start to finish. I love uuuuu and i'm so excited for you @bigsean. you put absolutely everything into this and deserve all the beautiful things in the world. #waaayup #blessed."

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Check out the couple when they couldn't take their hands off each other at the GRAMMYs last month in the video below!

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