Justin Bieber Responds to Selena Gomez Jokes at Roast: 'It Was Whatever'

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There were many brutal jokes at Justin Bieber's expense at the Comedy Central roast, but one topic was especially difficult for him to bare: his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Comedians Kevin Hart and Jeffrey Ross both dropped jokes about Gomez during the taping of the Comedy Central roast over the weekend.

"Selena Gomez couldn't be here tonight. Just because she didn’t want to be here," Hart said.

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Ross also spoke about why the "Heart Wants What It Wants" singer was not there: "Selena Gomez wanted to be here tonight, but she's dating men now."


And while the jokes packed a punch, Bieber took them all in stride. Backstage, he said, "I mean everybody was going balls to the wall. There was no holding back So—it was whatever."

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He also spoke about what the roast mean to him, saying, "I've done a lot of things that I'm not proud of, but this is a new day and we're turning a new leaf here."

Jokes aside, Bieber tweeted Saturday out that he had "one of the best nights ever" as he also jetted to Las Vegas to celebrate his 21st birthday in style at the OMNIA Nightclub in Caesars Palace. Bieber turned the big 2-1 on March 1.

At the Vegas party, he sang "Happy Birthday" to himself and enjoyed a cake in the shape of a 1965 Lincoln Continental, the same car he received as a birthday present.

To see Justin Bieber roasted, tune in to Comedy Central on March 30 at 10/9c.

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