Watch Matthew McConaughey and Jimmy Kimmel Make an Ad for a Local Video Rental Store


Running a local video rental store in 2015 has to be tough (if not damn near impossible) so you would think an advertising budget would be absolutely out of the question unless you happen to be Vulcan Video in Austin, TX and Jimmy Kimmel is in town for South By Southwest.

The late night host enlisted the help of True Detective star Matthew McConaughey to help produce the local business a seriously star-powered commercial.

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If his amazing Lincoln ads are any indication, McConaughey is unquestionably the right guy for the job. Though, marketing VHS tapes when self-driving cars are a thing is a tall order. So Jimmy and McConaughey took three passes at it, and you can watch the whole thing unfold below.

We never thought we'd say this, but is anyone up for going to Austin to rent a video??

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