9 Reasons You Should Never Pinch Someone on St. Patrick's Day

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It's St. Patrick's Day, which means you probably know someone (or are someone) going around pinching people like a straight up lunatic for not wearing green. Here are a few reasons you should STOP THAT right now!!

1. It really hurts.

This is supposed to be St. Patrick's Day, not Fifty Shades of Green!

2. On any other day, this behavior would be considered insane.

Honestly, pinch someone at any other time of the year and see the reaction you get.

3. Green is more than a color.

What if we carpooled today, you don't know! KEEP YOUR FINGERS TO YOURSELF.

4. Note the heritage.

Irish = I can wear whatever I want.

5. Note the eyes.

Green eyes = don't freaking pinch me.

6. Green is hard to pull off!

Not everyone can look this adorable!!

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7. Besides, you can't just punish people for not wearing green.

You are not St. Patrick's enforcer, because that's not even a thing.

8. You will probably be ended.

You left us no choice.

9. And we won't even feel bad about it.

Now that we're all safe from your fingernails, let's all drink green beer and have a great time!!

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