Madonna Plays 'Never Have I Ever' with Justin Bieber: 'All These Questions Are Sexual'

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It's the game that gets people to open up about themselves, but it's being played like never before with Justin Bieber and Madonna.

On Wednesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Bieber, 21, and Madonna, 56, join the talk show host for a game of Never Have I Ever, which quickly becomes very focused on one particular topic. "All these questions are sexual," Madonna points out while getting candid about her past.

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Have they ever had phone sex? Apparently Madonna has but Bieber has not, but they've both fooled around in bathrooms during parties as well as forgotten the names of someone they've fooled around with.

Madonna jokes, "I feel like I'm getting to know my new boyfriend." Earlier in the show, she shared that the youngest she's dated is 22, and Bieber barely missed the cut as he turned 21 on March 1.

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And just when you thought these confessions were an overshare, there's one more shocking confession as the "Rebel Heart" singer is given the opportunity to make up her own question. "Never have I ever had sex with more than two different people in the same day," she says, but oh wait, she has!

This one leaves Ellen in disbelief and Bieber responds to it by saying, "Here's the thing. I want it to be special for my wife." Ellen does not buy that one though!

To see more of this game, check out the video above.