North West Riding Her 'Frozen' Suitcase Is the Coolest Thing She Could Ever Do


Look at Nori roll!

Khloe Kardashian Instagrammed a video of her niece, Kim and Kanye's daughter North West riding her Frozen suitcase at the airport, and there's just too much cool to handle.

First, you've got the Yeezus Tour jacket, which seems like it would be an odd pairing with her Disney suitcase until you watch this video right now.

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Second, her shoe game is so on point in those Dr. Martens, especially for someone who's less than two years old.

Third, suitcases aren't meant to be ridden, but little North just cruises along like a champ. She makes it seem like WE'RE the weird ones for walking through the airport like a bunch of normos!

Just watch and you'll know.

We can never hope to be this cool.

By the way, according to Kim, North's toys are in that suitcase.

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Also, remember when North modeled a baby bulletproof vest? Watch the video below.