12 Times Adam Levine's Candid Confessions Were Absolute Perfection

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Happy birthday Adam Levine!

The hunky as hell Maroon 5 frontman is turning 36 Wednesday and over the years, we’ve managed to fall more and more in love with everything about him.

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Is it his smile? Maybe. His facial features? Yup. His incredibly charming personality? Absolutely. And the fact that he looks perfect shirtless? Swoon-ville overload!

So to show off the many reasons we can’t seem to get enough, we’ve compiled a few of the best things he has told us over the years.

1. On always winning:
"I never lose. But that's probably a bad thing to say isn't it?"

2. On recording Hands All Over with producer Mutt Lange in Germany:
"It's not a hard life when you're swimming in Lake Geneva and going to make music and having the time of your life."

3. On always being naked:
“I could stand to be less comfortable. It's not conscious, it's just I'll be kind of naked almost and it's not very kosher to be like that with people you don't know."

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4. On always being shirtless:
"I will never be shirtless again. I have overstayed my shirtless quota," Adam once said during an interview in 2013. "I've overdone with shirtless thing, I am keeping my clothes on forever." And then we all laughed for days…

5. On his origin:
"I am from heaven."

6. On Benhati Prinsloo being The One:
"Don't you just know," he told ET. "I mean it's that simple right? I don't think that I had to think about anything."

7. On kids:
 "I'd be a great dad. I love kids. I love kids a lot."

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8. On his cologne:
 "It smells like unicorns, puppy dogs, laughter, harmony and excitement."

9. On His Success:
 "I have no idea how I got here, but I like it here."

10. On His The Voice Strategy:
“I have the same approach I've always had. Beat Blake Shelton.”

11. On His Stolen Leather Jacket:
 "I've been looking for it ever since. Whoever stole that jacket at the VMA's in Vegas give it back because I can't find the same one and I loved it so much. D*ck." The jacket has been missing since 2007.

12. On His Career:
"Life is a trip. It's a lot of fun. You never think you're going to be doing this. This was never a goal of mine. But some things fall into your path and you go with it. It works."

Check out the video above to see more of our favorite moments with Adam over the years.

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